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Conduct a symphony of developers, designers and experts. Offering a full range of professional services. We focus on video software & custom platform solutions.

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Development Services

Plan with our experts who architect and build video solutions, platforms and products for a living. Leverage us to optimize and expand your business requirements. Transforming them into elegant and beautiful solutions.

Integrations, migrations, widgets, mobile apps, applications and entire platforms to name a few. Your workflow, your needs customized with efficiency and business continuity in mind.

Creative Services

Pretty, clean design is a given but only the beginning. Develop custom themes for front-ends, back-ends, mobile experiences and video players.

Gain greater insight to user experience and UI design through analysis of best practices and development of new strategies in video products. Something we know from explicit experience.

Training & Management

Get your team up-to-speed quickly with personal, in-house or remote training sessions led by certified Vidmoto instructors. Have us create custom training materials like tutorials and video walkthroughs specifically for your workflow and software approach. Our content creation is easy to follow and provides a positive user experience.



Our process is developed from our confirmed philosophy of good-straight-forward business, evolved best practices and industry standards.  We treat our customers and the development of your software with the same respect and care as our own product. In fact, each project is a child of our own product. Stable re-use, automated testing, industry standards, best technology and persistent documentation are our tenants. 

An agile, API first approach builds solutions faster than before! All the while avoiding technical debt.
We specialize in video solutions. Your content is king and we’re here to take it to the next level.

There is no kind words for software that is not documented with standards, built on a documented blueprint for both design and architecture and written with automated testing in place from the start. Software built without these methods and standards may be useable for a time, but ultimately wasteful of your resources and money, placing you and its users in technical debt and creating a ticking timebomb of liability for both you and whoever has to try and iterate or fix it. WE DON'T BUILD THAT KIND OF SOFTWARE, EVER!

API first, iterative approach, future proof design and automated testing are means and methods by which our software is truly a product and service to our customers and all who rely on and use it.

Quick and Short Services List

  • Device Specific Applications

  • Specific Workflow Development

  • CDN Integrations

  • Analytics Integrations

  • Encoding Integrations

  • Third Party Systems Integrations

  • Complete Platform Development

  • Mobile App Development and Integrations
  • Re-Platforming

  • CDN with Meta Data Migration

  • Metrics & Analytics Migration

  • Player Integrations

  • Unique Player Development




1. Discovery

We begin with learning our clients, gathering business requirements, analyzing workflow practices, and establish communication channels. We evaluate everything from the brand, the objectives, the market and current development technologies to uncover the best strategy for development. We think in terms of longevity, technical debt, reliability, efficiency and growth.


2. Architecture & Design

As the discovery reveals purpose and form a plan of design, development begins to emerge. Before a single line of code is written or one artistic pixel is rendered, this plan is iterated, detailed and documented until it becomes an actual product blueprint. 

3. Design with passion

With a real blueprint in hand we begin the creative design. Considering multiple aesthetic directions, collaborate and iterate on specifics and decide on best design approaches until every screen mode and button is fashioned with purpose.

4. Develop with purpose

Simultaneously, we enter development cycles that have been built to deliver irritative results, building test coverage and documentation along the entire way.


5. QA or Die

Not only do we produce as much documentation and automated testing as possible into all of our development, we put every sprint through a quality assurance team. This process ensures architecture and functionality is implemented correctly and has not introduced regression. Keeping a strong adherence to the business continuity we designed into the blueprint means your software is efficient, future proof and alive.


We are ready to work with you.