What is cloud orchestration for video?

Instantly provision your AWS cloud services into a video management and distribution platform. No server setups, code configurations or lengthy processes. Easily upload, encode, and distribute video with total and full access to all your data. It's your AWS account and Vidmoto, we take no prisoners and you accept no casualties.

Empowerment For Publishers.

No longer pay marked-up bandwidth and storage costs. Maintain full access to your video files and manage it all in a simple user interface. Vidmoto is integrated with many of the popular video players on the market. A pure “your label” experience for your audience. Get your video published and in your control.


Fast and Open For Developers

Setup video backends with Amazon Web Services in minutes. Extendible, fast and powerful. Gorgeously documented API and fully open player SDK. Customize and extend players to meet your needs. Modify them through our open source SDK or fork a player and make it your own.


Broaden Your Horizons.

Get our team of expert developers, designers and strategists on your team. Get your goals done! Your video destiny awaits.